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Guitar lessons Information

Where I am located
  My address:
12 Seymour Drive

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Bromley Common bus garage is at the junction of Hastings Road and Lower Gravel Road. This is a two minute walk from my house. There are quite a few bus routes that pass this point.

Lesson duration
I teach electric, acoustic and bass guitar lessons either in my home studio or at the students house, whichever is preferred by the student. I usually teach 30 or 60 minute lessons. Longer lessons are possible if required but for most students, especially beginners, 60 minute lessons are usually enough. The students are free to have their lessons as frequently as it suits them and are not obligated to have them at regular intervals.

Small children usually find 60 minute lessons a bit long and start to lose concentration. My normal advice for them is to only have 30 minute lessons ideally once a week.

If I teach at the students home 60 minutes is the minimum lesson charge and has to be within a reasonable distance for me to travel. I consider a 15 to 20 minute drive to a students home to be reasonable. I am prepared to travel further distances but would obviously have to charge accordingly.

I prefer students if possible to come to my studio for lessons as it saves me traveling time, therefore giving me more time to fit in extra students. It also benefits the student as my studio is equipped with top quality amps, drum machines and computer programs like Guitar Pro and Guitar and Drum trainer. Guitar Pro is a guitar tab program that helps learning songs and allows me to give the student tab files in PDF form of any songs they are leaning. Guitar and Drum Trainer is a program that allows me to slow songs down, re tune them and create loops for playing along to. All of these benefits make lessons in my studio far more enjoyable and productive.

What I teach

I tailor my lessons to each students requirements. If they only want me to teach them how to strum along to their favourite songs then that is what I do. If on the other hand they want to learn lead guitar, then I teach them the scales they need to know and the technique necessary.

My personal style is Blues through to Heavy Metal but I can teach the basics of Rock, Blues, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Punk, 60's Soul, Reggae and most other types of guitar music.

l can teach the Major scale and its modes, the various Minor scales and modes and most other scales from the Diminished to the Lydian flat 7, including when to use them. I can show how to make and play chords, chord progressions and various rhythms and rhythmical styles.

I can teach techniques like strumming, picking, hammer-on's, pull-offs, bending, damping, muting, finger picking, harmonics, tapping, sweep picking and many more. If on the other hand you just want to play Twinkle Twinkle little star or simply strum to an easy song, then that's fine to!

If a student is interested in taking qualifications I recommend the Rockschool graded music exams and I can teach them the sight reading and everything they need to know to enter the exams. These are held at a number of different venues at regular intervals. For more information on Rockschool exams there is a link to their website on the links page. I am also happy to help anyone working on other grading systems to prepare for their exams.

For any other information on what I can teach please contact me from the contact page.

My rates
Price per lesson
Price for 5 lessons
30 minutes
At my address
60 minutes
At my address
60 minutes
At your home

The price is payable at the end of the lesson if you are paying one lesson at a time. The payment for 5 lessons is payable at the end of the first lesson leaving 4 more to be taken at your convenience. Unfortunately at this time I cannot accept Credit Cards or Cheque payments but will need to be paid in cash.

Please note all lesson fees are non refundable
. When you pay for a block of lessons you commit to the whole block. This is why you receive the discount. If you then decide you no longer want the lessons you will not be able to get a refund on any unused lessons. You would however be able to transfer them to someone else so long as you inform me that you wish to do so.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice so please contact me to double check you have the most current up to date price.

If you wish to book a lesson or for more information, please go to the contact page.


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